The wasted revolution – once again

Guys with hope marched yesterday only a few – there is so much need for an organizer style Lech Wales, the great Solidarinos union leader. You Venezuelan do not take seriously (like everything).

The people belonging to the HORA LOCA have too much to lose, they will do everything to be nice to you and be apparently with you but those bastards are worse than Maduro.

Those Hora Loca guys will do everything they can to sabotage the initial populace marching for who knows what obscure purpose.

The HORA LOCA are vultures that will go to the finest restaurants refresh their lunch with an 18 yr Scotch, talk about how ”Lindo” everything was during that March but they are so much above those things. They look down on you. You have to read Les Miserables” to understand the similarities.

Forget about, this thing would be doomed wasn’t there the brave Americans ready to get killed for you all, as they did in other places. Because of their beliefs in freedom and democracy.

You all in this blog deserve Maduro, even if the Marines don’t deserve you.