Many, especially Chavistas, and ”enchufados”, La Hora Loca, are expecting that Guaidó will call elections next week. If he did, then this will be an act of political suicide.

Not all democracies are Democratic. Venezuelan democracy is particularly an example.

Electoral fraud is inherently part of Venezuelan democracy.

However, the UN, the EEC, the well respected international organizations dogmatically embrace elections as a sacred guarantee of peace. I think they guarantee instability.

As long as there are elections everyone is happy, especially in the Jimmy Carter’s style of politicians.

Fraudulent results simply state that the good guys have lost. Too bad if the elections were stolen by treacherous burning of electoral equipment or software manipulation for instance. Who cares what people said when they casted their votes. You only need one organization to sanitize the results “et voilà le tour est joué”.

Poor Venezuelans that don’t belong to the Hora Loca! They are going to be cheated once more despite all good intentions from Guaidó. The forces from the dark side are simply too strong.

Mr Guaidó please don’t eat that bad apple and don’t call early elections. It will be the end.

The objective is not to carry the elections. The objective is the outcome of such elections, one that can deliver the will of the people, and stability for the next 50 years at least.

If Guaidó thinks early elections were essential for democracy, then the same governing elites, the same Hora Loca people will be in power again making Venezuela an infernal cycle of corruption driven society.

In the Americas, Venezuela has pioneered voter manipulation and outright theft. And there will be “independent” zealots scholars like Noam Chomsky ( or a Cambridge Analytica perfecting the election process .

In Venezuela today, electoral disputes focus on the president, rather than parliamentary and local government races. This prone to disaster. Thus, there is no democracy to preserve. The democracy in Venezuela was destroyed decades ago.

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Please help me battle corruption. I might have two or three years left. But I don’t want these short time passing by useless. I will do whatever it takes to bring down those who contribute to this cancer destroying the fine tissue that holds civilization together.

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