The Venezuelan Spring (31-Jan-2019)

No revolution makes progress from outside-in. Look at the Vietnam disaster. Venezuelan have to take care first and then will be helped from the outside. The majority of Venezuelan are waiting for the Marines (Hurrays!) as if this was the miracle from Virgin de la Coromoto. Move your asses from your conformity and comfortable couches. While all the people that belong to the Hora Loca are in a “wait and see” attitude NOTHING will happen. Guaidó will eventually lose support and the Venezuelan Spring will be over. Ah, soon there will be Carnival and Semana Santa. By May 2019, this will be one more anecdote of another banana republic.

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Please help me battle corruption. I might have two or three years left. But I don’t want these short time passing by useless. I will do whatever it takes to bring down those who contribute to this cancer destroying the fine tissue that holds civilization together.

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