Caracas Chronicles X

The true story

Watching the professional baseball recent developments, people in Venezuela care less about Guaidó going to prison than La Serie del Caribe 2019 being transferred to Panama City. You had to see that last game between Cardenales and Leones, how many chavistas were at the Universitario? Several thousand and with no shame in their faces. Then the streets of Barquisimeto went crazy. Until such time the Series were appropriately moved to Panama. No one wants to reckon this was a far bigger event for short-terms Venezuelans than everything else that happened the days before. Why are bloggers so reluctant to accept some self-criticism and help the Venezuelan not in the Hora Loca to realize they have their priorities upside down.

For this Venezuela Spring to happen you need the people. Guaidó and some idealists will not suffice.

I still think Guaidó will go in prison and Venezuelan as usual will watch the baseball games comfortably in their couch blaming everyone else for their “disgrace”

I need strong counter arguments to start believing once again

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Please help me battle corruption. I might have two or three years left. But I don’t want these short time passing by useless. I will do whatever it takes to bring down those who contribute to this cancer destroying the fine tissue that holds civilization together.

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