Many, especially Chavistas, and ”enchufados”, La Hora Loca, are expecting that Guaidó will call elections next week. If he did, then this will be an act of political suicide.

Not all democracies are Democratic. Venezuelan democracy is particularly an example.

Electoral fraud is inherently part of Venezuelan democracy.

However, the UN, the EEC, the well respected international organizations dogmatically embrace elections as a sacred guarantee of peace. I think they guarantee instability.

As long as there are elections everyone is happy, especially in the Jimmy Carter’s style of politicians.

Fraudulent results simply state that the good guys have lost. Too bad if the elections were stolen by treacherous burning of electoral equipment or software manipulation for instance. Who cares what people said when they casted their votes. You only need one organization to sanitize the results “et voilà le tour est joué”.

Poor Venezuelans that don’t belong to the Hora Loca! They are going to be cheated once more despite all good intentions from Guaidó. The forces from the dark side are simply too strong.

Mr Guaidó please don’t eat that bad apple and don’t call early elections. It will be the end.

The objective is not to carry the elections. The objective is the outcome of such elections, one that can deliver the will of the people, and stability for the next 50 years at least.

If Guaidó thinks early elections were essential for democracy, then the same governing elites, the same Hora Loca people will be in power again making Venezuela an infernal cycle of corruption driven society.

In the Americas, Venezuela has pioneered voter manipulation and outright theft. And there will be “independent” zealots scholars like Noam Chomsky ( or a Cambridge Analytica perfecting the election process .

In Venezuela today, electoral disputes focus on the president, rather than parliamentary and local government races. This prone to disaster. Thus, there is no democracy to preserve. The democracy in Venezuela was destroyed decades ago.


Read the article entirely in the FT USA Edition

Incredible similar to Venezuela. That last paragraph can be substituted like this:

Venezuela’s educated people could be participating in one of the most dynamic economies on the continent. Instead, they are witnessing an implosion

Zimbabwe’s economy is in slow-motion collapse

A unity government is needed that can re-engage with outside world

The president of Zimbabwe would like the world to know he is shocked. After Sky News broadcast footage this week of soldiers beating an unarmed man in the street, Emmerson Mnangagwa tweeted that he was “appalled”. “I have instructed that the individuals behind this be arrested,” he added.

It is unclear whether Mr Mnangagwa has watched Casablanca, the 1942 film in which Captain Louis Renault, the corrupt Vichy prefect of police, feigns shock at the gambling in Rick’s Bar. Like Renault, who cheats at the roulette wheel himself, Zimbabwe’s president is perfectly familiar with the violence and intimidation routinely meted out by the state apparatus. Far from being an aberration, thuggery is Zanu-PF’s stock in trade. As former president Robert Mugabe’s enforcer for nearly four decades, Mr Mnangagwa was the one who perfected it.

The recent violence stems from a slow-motion economic collapse. The country — which has no currency of its own after hyperinflation destroyed the Zimbabwe dollar a decade ago — has stopped generating the export dollars it needs to survive. It depends almost entirely on remittances from millions of Zimbabweans forced to seek a living abroad. The central bank has run out of dollars, forcing it to pump out ever more of the electronic money that passes for a currency.

Another bout of hyperinflation beckons. Zimbabwe appears to be heading for a Venezuela-style meltdown. The World Food Programme worries that 8m of the estimated 14m-16m population face food insecurity. Some 38 years of theft and incompetence by Zanu-PF have brought the breadbasket of southern Africa to this.

The international community is caught in a bind. There is no appetite to engage with a government that has shown itself to be as bad as that of the Mugabe era. How could it justify propping up a vicious regime, knowing that much of the money it handed over would be stolen? Yet the alternative is equally appalling: allowing the economic situation to get so grim that Zanu-PF implodes. There is no guarantee that regime change by attrition — even possible starvation — will work.

As for Zanu-PF, it is locked in infighting. There are rumours that General Constantino Chiwenga, deputy president and the man who led the 2017 coup, wants to push Mr Mnangagwa out. Much of the feud seems to be over control of moneymaking rackets.

Even if you credit Mr Mnangagwa with a genuine desire to reform the economy, his efforts have come to naught. If anything, reform has made things worse. There is simply no money left. Cutting expenditure further will lead to collapse. So will printing money. Without an injection of outside money, there is no way out.

The only possible solution is to form a government of national unity with which the international community could engage. An injection of money and a new programme monitored by the IMF could begin to restore economic credibility.

The west could even consider lifting sanctions, in place since 2001. They have little effect, but give incompetent and corrupt Zanu-PF officials a scapegoat for economic catastrophe.

The chances of such an accommodation with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change are slim to nonexistent. Far from reaching out, Zanu-PF has hunted down many MDC members and locked them up. The alternative is that things will get worse before they eventually get better. Zimbabwe’s educated people could be participating in one of the most dynamic economies on the continent. Instead, they are witnessing an implosion.

The Infamous Letter

These famous scholars think they have the right to provide an opinion on Venezuela. What’s happening there is not of their business. They are taking advantage of the free speech we enjoy in the USA but they are incapable to go and live in the shithole that Venezuela has become thanks to their socialist/leftist philosophy. In the past they defended any attack on the the four years that the Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia, that was responsible for one of the worst mass killings of the 20th Century.

The Venezuelan Spring (31-Jan-2019)

No revolution makes progress from outside-in. Look at the Vietnam disaster. Venezuelan have to take care first and then will be helped from the outside. The majority of Venezuelan are waiting for the Marines (Hurrays!) as if this was the miracle from Virgin de la Coromoto. Move your asses from your conformity and comfortable couches. While all the people that belong to the Hora Loca are in a “wait and see” attitude NOTHING will happen. Guaidó will eventually lose support and the Venezuelan Spring will be over. Ah, soon there will be Carnival and Semana Santa. By May 2019, this will be one more anecdote of another banana republic.


Many Venezuelans think they can still dance this at the end of a birthday or first communion party, and simultaneously compose a decomposed body from their ashes.

They all wanted the Serie del Caribe 2019, no matter if that was playing Maduro’s game. You need to see all Barquisimetanos insulting the directive or organization with the most vulgar words.

Venezuela will not recover so soon. Not even if you believe in the Phoenix Ashes (In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor)

Too bad. Thanks

Caracas Chronicles X

The true story

Watching the professional baseball recent developments, people in Venezuela care less about Guaidó going to prison than La Serie del Caribe 2019 being transferred to Panama City. You had to see that last game between Cardenales and Leones, how many chavistas were at the Universitario? Several thousand and with no shame in their faces. Then the streets of Barquisimeto went crazy. Until such time the Series were appropriately moved to Panama. No one wants to reckon this was a far bigger event for short-terms Venezuelans than everything else that happened the days before. Why are bloggers so reluctant to accept some self-criticism and help the Venezuelan not in the Hora Loca to realize they have their priorities upside down.

For this Venezuela Spring to happen you need the people. Guaidó and some idealists will not suffice.

I still think Guaidó will go in prison and Venezuelan as usual will watch the baseball games comfortably in their couch blaming everyone else for their “disgrace”

I need strong counter arguments to start believing once again